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Our last project, goes into Highline and hudge rope swing jumps. A project started in 2012 after meeting the Pyrénaline team . A one year shooting, opening the most significant lines in the Pyrénnées, and establishing in the same time new rope swing records. The film just released the 25th of march 2014.

This is the main shootings you will find on the film:

ANSABERE NEEDLES (Pyrénées atlantiques, France)

For the first session with Pyrénaline, its sick! A majestic middle mountain line walked by Gautier Bourgard.

(Spanish basque country)

Meeting the spanish basque highliners pioneers, we repet the esthetic Osou needle line and opened a new project way longer...

(Aragon, Spain)

Back to the roots for Pyrénaline, where they opened and walked their first highlines. We rigged a big high space-line and a nice rope swing jump.

(Catalunya, Spain)

The main trip of the all project, a full week camping on the top of this mythical mountain. We meet the Elephant german team lead by Alexander Shulz who rigged the sickest spaceline ever, while Pyrénaline opened the spain rope swing record.

(Aragon, Spain)

A biggest rope swing jump for the TV show "Riding Zone" with the french actress Julie Boulanger. A new spain feminine record.

LA CUCA - Rodellar
(Aragon, Spain)

We were excite to open this esthetic needle coming from a fairy tale. A beautiful line walked by Thibault Cheval et Gautier Bourgard.

(Hautes Pyrénées, France)

The most significant Pyrénées line opened and shared with avec Julien Millot  from Skyliners team, who will be the only one to walk the line.

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